NG: $2.749 EOD   (+2.12% )
CRUDE: $61.89 0.46 (+0.75%)

Sole Principal at Ananta, Merrill has been in the industry for nearly 13 years. Starting in December 2006, he spent his first 5 years in the business working for 2 different IL-based companies. Growing into a VP of Sales role, Merrill specialized in sales management, marketing and strategy implementation. Starting the company in October, 2011, Merrill essentially wore all the hats in the business. From book-keeping and budgeting, to marketing and sales, operations and management.

Merrill fulfilled all roles until the hire of Rintu Philip in October, 2015. With nearly 13 years of industry experience, Merrill is considered our expert when it comes to procuring energy. Merrill’s core competencies at Ananta are negotiating aggregations and aggregation strategies. He has extensive experience in packaging bulk energy loads and successful track record in procuring multiple accounts between multiple decision-makers between multiple utilities. Maintaining a 97% client retention over the last 8 years, Merrill accredits their success and growth to basic fundamentals of transparency. He founded the company with a low-margin, “open-book, approach,” and considers this philosophy the backbone of our success.