NG: $3.418 EOD   (+2.55% )
CRUDE: $73.53 0.23 (+0.31%)




We put you and your organization in the drivers seat with transparent pricing while we navigate you through the deregulated energy process.


Why would you and your company want to work with an energy broker? It comes down to thetime value of money. For multi-unit business owners that have a portfolio of businesses, or multiple commercial assets, an energy broker can add significant value to your group. For professionals in a CFO, or Operations role(ie: Corporate Controller, Director of Finance, Director of Procurement, Procurement Manager, Director of Operations, or Operations Managers), your personal time is far too valuable to be spend your precious man-hours with waiting on energy companies to run RFP’s onbest energy rates, terms, and conditionsfor your organization. If we’re in agreement that time is your most valuable currency, and you have multiple businesses with significant energy overhead, having a knowledgeable energy broker on your side is almost like having an in-house Energy Manager, or Director of Energy managing your entire portfolio.

Have you worked with a transparent energy broker that illustrates how our business model works? When you have an energy broker that discloses their margin and maintains an open-book-policy, your organization has nothing to fear. Every energy broker at face value has the opportunity to get the same base rate(ie: wholesale price). It’s 100% on the energy broker and/or their firm to dictate what type of broker margin (broker adder)to add on top of this base rate. In several cases, this margin is 100% negotiable, and to keep it simple, Ananta discloses it all. With proper education and guidance, Ananta helps you navigate the energy buying process from A to Z.

An energy broker may not be for every business. If you are a new business owner and/or own one business, you might have the capacity to spend a couple hours out of the year educating yourself and learning how to effectively shop around for the best energy rates. The information is out there, but wouldn’t it be easier with a transparent energy broker? Since the company was founded in October, 2011, Ananta has grown to managing 600+ commercial accounts servicing both electricity and natural gas accounts between 8 states. Since inception, Ananta has yielded a 97% retention rate. To all business owners out there, you have to ask yourself why? Give us an opportunity to be your energy broker, and we’ll show you.
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Buying LED lights for your business is easier said than done. With thousands of worldwide companies entering into the LED market-place, how is an organization to decipher between the important variables that are necessary when making an educated LED purchase? Have you calculated desired lumens? Is there a necessary wattage reduction to hit a sustainability goal? Depending on the lighting application, are specific optics and angle of light distribution a concern? Does your franchise require specific photometrics? Are the purchased LED products accredited by DLC, UL, or Energy Star to qualify for rebates? Does the manufacturer have a return policy? How many years are the LED products warrantied? Is the labor for installation warrantied? The list of variables goes on and simply put, LED lights aren’t cheap. Prior to making these decisions, Ananta clients find value in considering all the necessary variables in purchasing LED lights for their business. Whether exterior or interior, wouldn’t it be nice to walk into this purchase with the utmost satisfaction that your business is acquiring a legitimate investment? Contact Ananta Energy Source and learn how to qualify for LED samples and manage this project with the utmost due diligence. Wouldn’t it be nice to install sample LED lights to test the lights and see if they’re in line with what your business is looking for?


When was the last time you had a company audit your building facility and identify inefficiencies in energy usage? With utility prices going up, monitoring how much energy is used has been a proactive step in the right direction. The philosophy couldn’t be simpler: use less, spend less! Ananta clients have the luxury in identifying these inefficiencies in a step-by-step consultation. First, we identify the low hanging fruit and work with engineers in several areas that address lighting, HVAC, and mechanical to calculate potential savings. Next, Ananta works with your management team in prioritizing efficiency projects with the lowest paybacks. Lastly, allow Ananta to work closing with your utility representatives to capture any and all applicable rebates that can speed up the ROI. Ultimately, what’s the harm in having a complimentary audit done on your building? The worst case scenario, your business will have a full detailed recipe on how to lower your energy consumption and save money in the future.


Have you spoken to your utility to identify what type of rebates or incentives are awarded for you and your business when going green? Whether residential or commercial, utilities across the country are providing the necessary resources and tools to go out there and capture energy rebates for implementing some form of an energy efficiency strategy. Ananta Energy Source specializes in acquiring LED rebates for LED lighting projects that are geared towards reducing energy consumption. Whether your business is undergoing a renovation, new construction, replacing, or retrofitting an existing lighting system, wouldn’t it be advantageous to consult with a company that is familiar in qualifying your organization for your rebates where needed? Ananta Energy Source has extensive experience in working with several utilities across the country in all of the above. In some areas of the country, utilities can cover up to 90% of the LED cost. In other areas, these incentives may be capped at 50%, or less. Some utilities allow clients to finance LED projects at 0% interest through their existing utility bill. Ultimately, several options are available for your business. What steps have you taken to capture energy rebates with LED and going green? Contact Ananta and find out today!

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In 2016, Ananta spent a couple months on the West Coast researching the Solar + Battery movement. Selecting two engineering firms, we looked at the possibility of building a solar farm in the Midwest that catered to our portfolio, but ran into challenges on the battery maintenance. Suddenly, the financials didn’t make sense for investors, but this was 3 years ago.

Since then, there have been significant developments and improvements in the industry. There are a few tariffs here and there that change the rate of solar deployment, but outside of that, the opportunities are out there and we’re in the embryonic stages of finding the proper synergies for solar + batteries.

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