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Ananta's Rise To Success & Our 9 Year Anniversary

October 26, 2020

From our CEO - Merrill Mangalaserril,

Ananta's History

No one can prepare you for the entrepreneurship journey one takes on individually in an industry with limited history. If it were real estate or logistics, several pioneers have paved the path on best practices on what to do as well as what NOT to do. Choosing to start an energy brokering business 9 years ago by myself was risky because not many people had any idea what I did, so asking friends or family for references was a dead end. To this day, some of my close friends couldnít tell you what I do day to day for a living and thatís okay. All of my core clients that I have known for 14 yrs were all acquired from good old fashioned B2B/door-to-door /cold calling and understanding the hardships I had early on reminded me that we as human beings can take on more than we possibly imagined. 

9 years ago, I was fueled by a lot of successes I had with two previous energy companies as well as the many failures I witnessed and experienced in those organizations. I wanted to create something simple and honest 9 years ago, hence we were built on transparency by disclosing our margins to all parties, an approach I know very few do in the energy industry. To date, our transparency has helped us thrive in 8 different states with 800+ commercial clients yielding a 96% client retention rate. 

Paying Our Respects

Iím happy to have grown Ananta to a level where I can take care of my clients, but also take care of my growing family. During this pandemic year, my career path became a little bit more popular. After businesses called their banks and their payroll companies, we were normally their next call on how to lower their utilities - their energy overhead. As we continue to grow, I wanted to thank all of our clients and friends that have given us a fair opportunity to bid on your business. You know who you are and we appreciate you. Iíd also like to thank both of my parents who taught me early what hard work looks like. Whether it was my mom, Annamma Mangalasseril who was working the night shift as a nurse and coming home to prepare breakfast for us, or my dad, Emmanuel Mangalasseril, who literally worked 6.5 days out of every week in the automotive/electronics industry, youíve not only set a benchmark for me, but definitely set up your families to levels their future generations are probably not even aware of. Thank you all again. Letís get over this pandemic together and get back to work. Cheers to 9 years.