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How To Better Understand Pricing Changes On Your Electric Bill

October 15, 2020


Your energy bill can be affected for a variety of reasons. If you're seeing your bill go up (or down in some cases), one or multiple factors could be the cause. Price factors are important to know in order to determine the cause for a price fluctuation so you're not sitting in the dark wondering why your bill is higher or lower. During normal market conditions, market cycle transitions are gradual. There may be peaks and valleys, but prices typically remain within an anticipated range. In addition to these cycles, a broad variety of factors affect the market.


Changes on your bill are something you don't have complete control over. These factors below are the main reasons for when you see a change to your price on your monthly electric bill. Keep in mind that some of these factors are predictable, which means you can gauge possible changes to your bill. When a pricing change can be predicted, this allows you to better estimate what your monthly bill totally will be.

  • Weather
  • Extreme Weather
  • Government Regulations
  • Outages
  • Source Fuels
  • Geopolitical Events


Knowing that these factors can affect your bill will help you to understand pricing changes. It's easier to manage your power usage when you can predict certain changes to the market such as weather and government regulations, but sometimes situations come up like outages and geopolitical events that you can't predict. In either case, educating yourself on these factors can mean the difference between seeing a higher than normal bill or, saving your company money by smart power usage. At Ananta, we're here to help and educate you with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your business's energy usage, bill, or anything else energy-related.