NG: $1.8 -0.022 (-1.21%)
CRUDE: $38.97 1.560 (+4.17%)
Updates on COVID-19 and its implications regarding the hospitality industry.

Pennsylvania was one of the first states to encourage competition among energy companies. Prior to electricity deregulation, the state’s consumers paid $10 billion in electricity per year. By opening the supply of electricity to competition, the state hoped that the rates would drop to reach the national average. The process began in 1994 with a formal investigation on how competition would affect the overall energy market. Towards the end of 1996, Pennsylvania enacted House Bill 1509. This schedule defines a slow transition from an energy regulated business model to an energy deregulated business model – reaching 100% of customers by January 2001 (electric choice).

Ananta acquired it's Pennsylvania Energy Broker license in 2019.