NG: $1.802 -0.020 (-1.10%)
CRUDE: $38.98 1.570 (+4.20%)
Updates on COVID-19 and its implications regarding the hospitality industry.

Energy deregulation in Maryland began when the Electric Customer Choice and Competition Act of 1999 was enacted (Chooseenergy). The Maryland General Assembly, under pressure from state manufacturers, enacted legislation that would cause the electric industry in Maryland to become deregulated.

This legislation led to the creation of the Maryland electric choice program. This program enables residents to choose their electric supplier. Exceptions to this legislation are those being served by non-profit municipal or rural cooperative utilities.

Most residents and businesses in Maryland were no longer bound to their local utility. Business customers looked to take advantage, and the market saw over 90% of big businesses, nearly 60% of medium-sized businesses and nearly 30% of small business owners make the switch. Private residents are also switching to alternative energy suppliers in search of savings.

Ananta acquired it's Maryland Energy Broker license in 2019.