Energy Rebates

Capture Energy Rebates

Have you spoken to your utility to identify what type of rebates or incentives are awarded for you and your business when going green? Whether residential or commercial, utilities across the country are providing the necessary resources and tools to go out there and capture energy rebates for implementing some form of an energy efficiency strategy. Ananta Energy Source specializes in acquiring LED rebates for LED lighting projects that are geared towards reducing energy consumption. Whether your business is undergoing a renovation, new construction, replacing, or retrofitting an existing lighting system, wouldn’t it be advantageous to consult with a company that is familiar in qualifying your organization for your rebates where needed? Ananta Energy Source has extensive experience in working with several utilities across the country in all of the above. In some areas of the country, utilities can cover up to 90% of the LED cost. In other areas, these incentives may be capped at 50%, or less. Some utilities allow clients to finance LED projects at 0% interest through their existing utility bill. Ultimately, several options are available for your business. What steps have you taken to capture energy rebates with LED and going green? Contact Ananta and find out today!