Energy Audits

Conduct Energy Audits

When was the last time you had a company audit your building facility and identify inefficiencies in energy usage? With utility prices going up, monitoring how much energy is used has been a proactive step in the right direction. The philosophy couldn’t be simpler: USE LESS, SPEND LESS! Ananta clients have the luxury in identifying these inefficiencies in a step-by-step consultation. First, we identify the low hanging fruit and work with engineers in several areas that address lighting, HVAC, and mechanical to calculate potential savings. Next, Ananta works with your management team in prioritizing efficiency projects with the lowest paybacks. Lastly, allow Ananta to work closing with your utility representatives to capture any and all applicable rebates that can speed up the ROI. Ultimately, what’s the harm in having a complimentary audit done on your building? The worst case scenario, your business will have a full detailed recipe on how to lower your energy consumption and save money in the future.

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