NG: $1.8 -0.022 (-1.21%)
CRUDE: $38.97 1.560 (+4.17%)
Updates on COVID-19 and its implications regarding the hospitality industry.


Founder & CEO

Sole Principal at Ananta, Merrill has been in the industry for nearly 13 years. Starting in December 2006, he spent his first 5 years in the business working for 2 different IL-based companies. Growing into a VP of Sales role, Merrill specialized in sales management, marketing and strategy implementation. Starting the company in October, 2011, Merrill essentially wore all the hats in the business. From book-keeping and budgeting, to marketing and sales, operations and management,


Merrill fulfilled all roles until the hire of Rintu Philip in October, 2015. With nearly 13 years of industry experience, Merrill is considered our expert when it comes to procuring energy. Merrill’s core competencies at Ananta are negotiating aggregations and aggregation strategies. He has extensive experience in packaging bulk energy loads and successful track record in procuring multiple accounts between multiple decision-makers between multiple utilities. Maintaining a 97% client retention over the last 8 years, Merrill accredits their success and growth to basic fundamentals of transparency. He founded the company with a low-margin, “open-book, approach,” and considers this philosophy the backbone of our success.

Operations Manager

Staff accountant for 7 years spending 3 years in private accounting, and 4 years in public accounting. Specializing in tax accounting and auditing for 7 years, Rintu first came on board in June, 2015 for book-keeping and operations. After 9 months of employment, Rintu quickly shifted in sales and business development. Currently, he manages an energy portfolio of 180+ commercial accounts spread between IL, OH, MD, and CT. He currently holds a 97% client retention, and can still hit the 10 ft line. If that doesn't scream valuable asset, then, keep moving!

Operations Architect & CTO

With nearly 6 yrs of extensive Full Stack Web Developer experience, Drew Pickering initially came on board as a free-lancer in May, 2018. To fulfill objectives in web development and operations development, we learned by the end of 2018, we needed Drew 100% full-time to fulfill ongoing objectives and also deploy new ones. Since then, he's increased operational efficiencies by 70% developing automation processes using the latest technologies in web development.


To date, Drew has earned the role of Operations Architect because he provides the ongoing support of operations, development of our internal CRM dubbed Anna, and management of our IT services infrastructure. For the other technologies and innovations we plan to deploy in the future, Drew is being groomed for the CTO role.


Abby Magtulis is what most entrepreneurs would call, "A blessing in disguise." We sought out Abby in a search for marketing and design help in early 2018. After free-lancing and designing several marketing pieces, Abby re-approached us seeking for more permanent work at the beginning of 2019. Prior Ananta, Abby's spent the last 5 years managing responsibilities from different employers simultaneously and as a result excelled in several areas of marketing, sales, research, and management. Challenging her with a one week operational support role, we wanted to see if Abby would be a good fit.


Today, she's hands down the most punctual individual on our team, and handles every price request we have between new/old customers regardless of size. She is a sponge when it comes to digesting and processing new information. Abby is naturally a genuine learner, so adapting to our fast pace business model was very easy. If good people are hard to find, then great people would be considered nearly impossible and with Abby, we feel like we found the impossible and are excited for the growth she brings to our organization.

Business Development Manager

Bringing 17+ years of experience and perspective from both the corporate and business world, Paul joins us as our newest Business Development Manager for our entire Texas market. He’s excelled and continues to excel for large corporations like McKesson and Dell. Leveraging a variety of business skill sets, we've already seen the direct impact of Paul's core competencies in marketing, sales strategy, and management. The valuable insight he’s providing our team has been very refreshing and couldn’t come at a better time for us in business.


Texas is one of the oldest deregulated energy markets out there and is one of the most competitive. We’ve found great benefit down there already with Paul. Owning a hotel and restaurants, Paul has been on the consumer side of the energy business, so his existing knowledge of TX deregulation puts him at an advantage when competing against other brokers or energy suppliers directly. With a couple hundred different energy suppliers available to us in the TX market alone, Paul’s off to a big start with our energy brokering model. Specializing in the hospitality industry, he’s found great success in hedging energy agreements between 5 and 10 years. Our goals with Paul stretch beyond 2 and 3 years where we feel Paul’s book of business should stir up the TX energy deregulation market while we open more consumers to our transparent “open book” approach.